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How We Make A Difference

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The Annual Harvest Scholarship

The Annual Harvest Scholarship is given to a Granville Central High School FFA student or Vance Charter School FFA student attending a two or four year college or university in any discipline. This scholarship is in the amount of $1,000 and is made payable to the institute of higher learning of the student's choosing. Are you looking to apply? Click here to learn how!


Harvest Program

Our Harvest Program serves as a financial assistance program which will provide students with partial or full funding to attend FFA events. Many events we provide funding for are Career Development Events, leadership conferences, and recreational trips. Starting in 2018, this program has helped students grow into future leaders and allows qualified members to compete in regional or state competitions which helps push our FFA chapters even further. Are you a deserving student? Click Here for a printable application or Click here for a online application!

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Blue and Gold Program

 Our Blue and Gold Program is a grant-based program designed to support our sponsored chapters, Granville Central FFA and Vance Charter FFA. This program aids in the needs of the chapter as a whole - benefiting all members involved. Through this program, the dreams of our supported FFA chapter can come true; one project at a time. Click here for a printable application or Click here for an online application!

Membership Promise Program

Pearla Tabor - May 2022 Agceptional SAE Highlight

Click here to learn about her project

The purpose of the Membership Promise Program (MPP) is to provide support for Faded Blues FFA Alumni members in their endeavor to contribute to our organization’s cause. We strive to raise agriculture awareness, provide student support and community outreach. Our members are the driving force in materializing these efforts by providing their valuable time, insight, skills and enthusiasm to further the purpose of this organization. The creation of the MPP is meant to be an extension of our chapter assistance program, Blue and Gold Program, which will open financial reimbursement assistance to Alumni members for various activities related to FFA Alumni and FFA Chapter involvement. Click here for a printable application or click here or an online application.

Monthly "Agceptional" SAE Project Highlights

The purpose of the Ageceptional SAE highlights is to provide recognition for VCS FFA students for their amazing Supervised Agricultural Expereince projects. Each month, one student is selected from a continuous pool of applicants for their commitments to having an agceptional SAE project. In additional to monthly recognition, each student awarded also receive a $10 gift card. 

Any Vance Charter FFA student can apply to be recognized for their agceptional SAE project here.

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